Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Olive Station

The Olive Station trading post-style shop and restaurant are right between the Muizenberg Mountain and the railway line on False Bay.

... with another scenic if windbitten parking lot. Today the southeaster was roaring.

It roars so much the trees grow sideways.

This is the shop part where one can buy local poetry anthologies, honey on tap, the Familiar Bread, a few things with Lebanese and Middle Eastern overtones (one of the owners is Lebanese), local-ish cheeses and...olives. The oil cured ones are the best. The others are so-so.

But we had come for the lamb, not the olives. The henbag made an appearance.:

As my mom said later, We are all going to hell in a henbag. Which seemed a good reason to open some wine: Joostenberg Chenin blanc/Viognier (5% Viognier, which hardly counts). Very good.

The lamb pita. Go there, eat it. The courtyard is usually charming and warm but today with galeforce winds the umbrellas became dangerous and conversation impossible, so we sat inside.

...and then have a little nap, as our neighbour in the ah, interesting, pants did (in the henbag photo he is still upright).


  1. Railway line? Is that the tchoo-tchoo?

  2. No, sorry, the choo-choo is at Knysna. This one is Your Wallet and Your Watch!

  3. Okay, I love the fact that your Mom carried around the Hen Bag. But more than that, I love that you took a photo of the interesting pants woman asleep at her table. Ah to be so carefree.

  4. Interesting pants MAN!!! And yes, he definitely hasa woman-bottom from that angle.

  5. In my case, "your wallet, your watch and your camera"... ;-)


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