Monday, October 1, 2007

I Love Clustrmaps (again)

I admit that I was very rude recently and referred to Clustrmaps, in a comment on Christopher's blog, as Clustrf#**!'s...This after our maps consistently told us that NO ONE, NOWHERE had been reading our blogs for days. I wrote to them, and received a reply within hours. And today our counters are up and running again. It is sweet and nice to know that in the commercial ether of cyberworld real people do exist and fix things. It is a free service (at our level), after all.

From: Marie Viljoen

Subject: Hate new Clustrmaps update for little blogs
Hi Team
I used to love my dots. No longer. So if the new experiment "as of late September" continues, I shall de-Clustr. I'm sure many smallbloggers like me feel the same. We all have big egos, after all.


To: Marie Viljoen

Hi... whoops, I'm wondering if we conveyed the wrong impression in our wording... what we meant is that "as of late September" we have actually LOWERED those thresholds so everyone is actually getting MORE FREQUENT updates! I would be extremely grateful if you could elaborate (just a sentence or two) on what you meant... in particular

a) did your dots 'miss a few days' (this is a possible for completely unrelated reasons... nothing to do with the 'late September' business...
b) did the wording in our little FAQ sound more 'ominous' than we intended? (if so, we can quickly edit this for clarification)
The notion of 'de-Clustr' is of course VERY bad for us: we were especially designed for 'smallbloggers' as you put it, and take enormous pride in listening to all of our users and trying our best to help in every way possible.
As you can see, you're getting a very personal reply directly from 'mission control' early on a Saturday morning, and we hope you'll help us to clarify the situation... we would hate smallbloggers to think that we have set things up the wrong way!!!
Many thanks!!! -CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team

So I really don't know who CJ is and whether he/she is sitting in an airconned garage somewhere in Arizona or in a cubicle in Silicon Valley or at home on the plains of the Midwest or...? Not a clue.

But I feel a bond. And now I feel loved again.

It's pathetic, I know.


  1. It is NOT pathetic. It's a sad day when I look at my Clustrmap and it says "0". Makes me feel like no one cares - no one loves me - no one is interested. And darn it, my ego can't take that!

  2. "We all have big egos, after all." No comments... ;-) But I guess I should pay more attention to my Clustrmaps. It is a sweet thing.

  3. Hm?

    But then you are perfect....

  4. Aw, shucks... just for those nice remarks, and to prove we really do read our user's blogs, we're gonna give you a free upgrade to ClustrMaps+ which means no ads, and better 'zoomed in' continent maps, within a few days, plus a listing on our 'User Of The Month' page (within a few days).

    All the best...

    -CJ from ClustrMaps

  5. CJ it's you!

    I love you guys.

    Now I'm going to have to try to be Interesting and Relevant.

    So...ah? what is it? Arizona, CA? .... Midwest?



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