Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Leaving my house yesterday I fell over Constanza wearing a glamourous hat, with Lucci, escaping the rain that was about to become torrential. They'd been playing in the park up the road.

When they moved from our old apartment building in the real 'hood, I followed some months later to this one, fleeing the Trogolodytes, landlords of legend. Now she's down the road two blocks and we actually hang out more often.

After her return from Barcelona last week Cons figures their next stop is Spain, so if tradition holds, I guess that's where I'll be living next!


  1. Moving to Spain, eh? May I then recommend Trevelez, charming little village on the south side of the Sierra Nevada, not far from Granada? Feels like the end of the world and yet close enough to civilization and the sea... And of course when you're living there, you can invite me over... ;-)

  2. Consider yourself invited!

    I will pass this news on to Constanza at once.

    Do you ever get the feeling that it's time to move (if I sit still long enough it passes)?

    You should come and visit SA when I'm there longer in January. But it's VERY far from Vancouver. Wow.

  3. Do I ever get the feeling it's time to move (on)? All the time! Except that in my case, if I sit still long enough, it only gets worse.

    As far as SA goes, it's been on my list for years. I had great friends back in Little Cayman that were from SA and I always wanted to go. But you are so right about it being so VERY far from here. Hmm, I wonder how far my air miles would get me... ;-)

  4. LOL. I had completely missed this: Trogolodytes, landlords of legend. Hilarious! Is it a pun, is it a scorpion story or is it their last name?

  5. It's just the sad and horrible truth. Low-browed apes with stings in their substantial tails...

  6. OK I CONFESS, it was a typo!!!

    I can't live with the guilt.

    I wish I'd been so clever.

    My boyfriend at the time used to refer to them as I Trogoloditi, so I transcribed.

    I feel unburdened.

    I am the scorpion.

  7. Even funnier - especially considering that I was just possessed and had to write some goofy story about it... LOL :-)


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