Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Day for Celebrations

A very careful Eric holding his son, Giao (pr. Zow - it's Vietnamese) Leandro, a little more than 24 hours old and a little less than 6lbs. I would have taken a picture of Mimi, too, but my camera's battery pooped out. Sammy and Anthony came by while I was there so it was just like old times, with all of us being very quiet and reverent. We told Giao that from here, life would be all be downhill: he has a room right over Central Park. I asked Eric if the baby had already applied for Harvard and Eric said he had already been accepted. Of course.

Earlier, at 'inoteca, on the Lower East Side, a birthday lunch for Vivian, from Holly, Wood and Vine. Two dozen roses and two bottles of Prosecco.

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