Monday, July 30, 2007

Check out Vince's Smart Phone

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Yes, I've done it. I've whipped my phone out as I walk past the construction workers gathered on Bergen Street on the way to the F train. I look at it to check out who's calling (obviously it's on silent mode and vibrated in my handbag), smile, take the phantom call and say, Oh Hi! no, I'm still in Brooklyn, hm, hm, I listen for a while and nod...and get past them no problem. No avoiding their eyes, no coy looking down, no jitters. I can't wait for my first Walker Talker with real voice response!


  1. Wow, thanks for the feedback. That was a grave oversight on our part so I've initiated a recall of all the units sold to date so that we can upgrade them with the new gizmo you inspired: an integrated GPS tracking device coupled to a Google Maps-driven database of all construction sites in one's area. It will trigger the Walker Talker to ring and start a blank conversation every time you get within a user-defined distance of any construction activity. What do you think? ;-)

  2. I feel the Company understands me.

  3. (I'm killing myself) - thanks for the laugh - that last comment cracked me up...


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